About Us

Glulam Solutions, working in partnership with some of the largest forest groups in the world, has proven experience in undertaking complex structural designs for Glulam timber engineering fabrications in domestic & commercial applications.

Company overview

The benefits of our experience in structural timber design manufacture & contracting in the commercial sector, combined with our breadth of timber engineering services which include structural and Glulam engineered timber design and fabrication and on-site installation and management, ensuring the smooth integration with other site trades to deliver projects as diverse as retail, leisure, commercial, education and health, to budget and to programme.

Engineered timber is manufactured from the only truly renewable construction material, offering aesthetics, structural integrity & exceptional environmental benefits. Used extensively on mainland Europe in Commercial projects, & for many decades in residential  applications, Timber Engineering & Glulam in particular, is emerging as a viable solution to economical “green” buildings for commercial applications

Glulam Solutions Ltd are one of the only timber engineering contractor offering a personalised & complete package of engineered timber services, including full structural design, & value engineering, off-site MMC (modern methods of construction) and on-site assembly, installation, & project management, all totally dedicated to the commercial & specialist domestic sectors.

Benefits of using Engineered Glulam in Non – Domestic buildings.

  • Can provide real Sustainable development.
  • Provides low CO2 emissions when integrated into the building design concept.
  • Provides real environmental benefits for our future generations
  • Suitable for Commercial, Retail, Educational, Public, Health, & Recreational buildings
  • Long spans can be achieved due to the favorable strength to weight ratio for long free spans.
  • Spans of up to 100meters can be achieved with glulam.
  • Flexible forms & shapes can be constructed in Glulam in a large variety of cross—sections.
  • Straight, cambered, arched or cranked beams can be designed
  • Provides a high degree of flexibility and freedom in the structural design for Architects & Engineers
  • High resistance to fire & is safer than a non-protected steel structure.
  • Glulam is dimensionally stable
  • It is resistant to aggressive chemical substances.
  • Glulam is a natural but engineered building material.
  • The technical drying and grading process of the laminations warrant a beautiful wooden appearance
  • Has a high strength to weight ratio.
  • Glulam structures make a huge contribution to environmental protection
  • Glulam provides an excellent carbon sink for harmful greenhouse gas CO2.
  • The raw material is a renewable resource
  • Low embodied energy compared to Steel, Concrete and PVC products