Transport & Installation

Glulam or laminated timber has outstanding material characteristics in comparison with other building materials. Because of its very low weight in transportation is exceedingly economical; a high degree prefabrication is possible and saves erection timber and costs. In addition to this its resistance against chemically aggressive climates and also the smooth surface, that avoids damaging deposits, are further advantages.


The transportation can be done by truck with length up to 28m, by ship or a combination. Trains are often used on mainland Europe. Timber is well known to be easy to erect and handle. Fixings to glulam are easier and less complicated that to other structural materials. Due to glulam’s light weight, the transportation costs are much lower than those for steel and concrete.  A Structural steel beam is typically 100% heavier and concrete beam 500% heavier than an equivalent glulam beam, Glulam’s low weight also allows savings to be made on foundations and erection.


From the outset, dedicated and experienced Glulam Solutions Ltd personnel will work closely with the design, construction teams and our Installation teams to ensure that materials are manufactured and supplied on time, to the highest standard and each project is installed to budget and time schedule. Our extensive industry and Timber Engineering structural design expertise on large, commercial and retail contracts is unparalleled within the construction industry. Where appropriate, we can draw on the expertise of our associated companies and key industry partners in Europe.