Building Designers appreciate that laminated timber offers an extraordinary artistic freedom without losing the important requirements a building material needs to have. Thanks to modern CNC-units (40m x 4 CNC bridge machining hall), it is possible to manufacture structural members with unrivalled precision and extraordinary accuracy. The use of modern technology allows to conceptualise and create eye-catching designs and seemingly transparent constructions. Also composite construction and the most complicated truss systems can be easily created, & also in combination with steel.

Experience and expertise are of utmost importance when it comes to the design of complex construction projects. Our European partners have vast experience in the design and construction of a wide range of building types, understanding performance criteria and regulations. Compared with other building materials, timber has many advantages to offer. First of all, the fire-resistance performance of timber construction is excellent. Secondly supporting systems in timber can be combined easily with any kind of roof-covering. Last but not least the use of pre-fabrication structural member in timber guarantees a fast construction period. Further to that, timber halls are nearly maintenance free and economically very cost-effective.

A total package of services can be provided including sophisticated 3D design modelling and value engineering at the earliest stages. This ensures that our clients receive the highest level of service and a product that not only meets aesthetic and functional requirements but also is designed to offer optimal value for money at every stage.

Detailed design services include early design advice and consulting, conceptual sketches, 2D general arrangements, 3D structural detailing and full 3D timber frame structural design.

By using the latest 3D modelling CAD packages, Glulam members can be modelled accurately using clash analysis of members and connections. Manufacturing drawings and material lists are created at the push of a button.