Health and Safety

Health & Safety is of prime importance above all else on the site. It is given top priority by all Glulam Solutions Ltd personnel.

The Safety Plan is studied and bespoke Method Statements & Risk assessments are written up for the benefit of all those involved in the work and their immediate Supervisors.  They address specific tasks or jobs that are broken down into constituent elements.  Such job specific methods are done well in advance of the works and address all aspects of the job – programme, sequence, engineering, method, quality etc but primarily, Health and Safety.

The use of cranes for lifting, handling & access platforms eliminate the need for complex scaffolding & stairwell access. Plant is fully accredited along with the operators and ensures that only fully trained construction technicians can operate on site safely & effectively during the erect process.

Knowing the importance of Health & Safety, the construction technicians can maximise their efforts in ensuring a quality end product is achieved in a safe working environment.

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