Design and Manufacture

Possibilities are limited only by the designer’s imagination
  • Curve radii with an inner radius above 3500 mm are possible.
  • Technical support and valuable advice by means of experienced personnel.
  • Manufacture ISO 9001 certified.
  • Lamination thickness varies depending on the shape created and intended use.
  • All types of arches, cambers, and even 3-dimensional bends are possible.
  • Curved beams up to 33.5 meters in length.

Glulam Special Shapes

The fascination of glued laminated structural timber lies in the possibility to freely shape the Glulam components while maintaining a high load-bearing capacity. No other building material permit’s the forming of equally numerous geometric shapes as with glued laminated structural timber. Simple shapes such as pre-camber, arches of all types or shaped beams are covered in the range. Double-glued cross sections, finger-jointed beams and framework trusses are used in large spans. A high resistance to fire, an excellent load carrying capacity as well as the high resistance against aggressive chemical substances provide the glued laminated structural timber components with a natural advantage when compared to other building materials such as steel or reinforced concrete.