Timber is a nearly endless renewable natural resource. 90% of the timber which is used in Europe has its origin in European forests. Due to sustainable agriculture and forestry, which means that the number of trees which are cut down is a lot smaller than the number of trees that are growing, the tree population in European forests is increasing annually. As environmentally aware manufactures we have committed ourselves to use European timber where possible in orders to keep transport routes as short as possible.

Trees withdraw carbon dioxide from the air, absorb the carbon and produce oxygen. When considering the life-cycle-balance of wood, the use of timber as construction material clearly outperforms other builder materials such as concrete or steel. As the use of wood as a raw material is CO2 neutral, the use of timber as the building and material of choice can be seen as an ecologically sound alternative. The eco-balance from the use of engineered timber as an optional building material can be seen as an active and substantial contribution to climate protection & conservation of the earth’s natural resources.